Tampa’s D question

Does anyone here know if Tampa are actually good at stoping the run or is this a bye product of their pass D being so weak and offense being so strong that it’s created a mirage of sorts inflating their run D stats?

Have doubts playing Coleman this week over other options so curious to get info if anyone has any?

To be honest, it can be difficult to differentiate until we see a team try and run heavy against them, because even efficiency can be skewed by volume. But I would still be very happy to play Coleman. He has received a heavy workload in every game that Freeman was out, and he catches passes as well so he isn’t dependent on heavy run game script. Plus the touchdown opportunities should be plentiful, especially with Julio in the lineup. haha

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They are aweful all around. I would start all your Falcons and not doubt anything.

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Thanks guys haha agreed on the TD upside Julio isn’t getting them after all!