Tarde Help - Golladay & Waller for Dalvin Cook - WHIR

12 team PPR, would you trade Golladay & Waller for D. Cook? A. Hooper would be my tight end, my remaining WRs are Hopkins, Edelman & G. Tate. Also have Ingram as a flex.

Please let me know your thoughts, I’d be happy to help in return.

Thanks for your help!

I would. Golladay is kind of a risky play week to week, as Jones and him kind of seem to trade good weeks. You’ll almost certainly have weeks where you are disappointed with him. Meanwhile Cook has been nothing short of amazing. Hell, even against the Bears he put up 19 points in my PPR league. Imho this is a no brainer. It makes your WR a bit short, but I think Hopkins and Edelman are solid weekly starts, I’m personally pretty high on Tate, and there are always decent WRs on waivers.

Id absolutely do this trade. Hooper has been great so far. I’m surprised they are willing to sell dalvin cook with the year hes had so far. Minn refuses to pass if they can help it.