Target Aaron Jones or Marlon Mack ROS?

Want to add aROS flex RB. .5 PPR. would you rather have Jones or Mack? Again these would be trade targets for me.

Of course it all depends on what you’re giving up to get either one, but I’d rather have Jones than Mack ROS. It’s tough because Mack’s role is much more defined & he’s looked great lately. But I like the Packers offense more than the Colts, so I’d give the edge to Jones personally.

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I imagine I’d have to give up more for Mack then for Jones at this point so I need to factor that in.

The Colts have an aggressive offense, so it can be tough. I think Jones overall is the better player, but Mack has the better opportunity (since he is used more in the offense as of now that Jones for GB). I have both players so it’s all down to how the next few weeks unfold for both of them.