Target Austin Ekeler?

Full point PPR…

Would you move Edmonds/Godwin for Ekeler?

The other team that has Ekeler is 4-5 and starting Wayne gallman this week as his RB2.

My current RB/WR

RB: Kamara, Chubb, Drake/Edmonds, Jamaal Williams

WR: Godwin, Diontae Johnson, Jeudy, Aiyuk, Chark, DJ Moore

I’d begin with less and work up to Edmonds. If Ekeler is back soon and it seems he is, I’d probably go as high as Edmonds and Chark to get a deal before he’s back. Once he’s back I’d expect Godwin plus might be the asking price. If Ekeler was to be back next week or week 12 I’m not sure there’s 5 RB in ppr I’d want to start ahead of him.


Yeah I’m afraid that when week 12 comes around (reported week he will be back) Edmonds/a piece won’t be enough. Looking to sell high on Edmonds this week while cashing in. Chark has a very favorable schedule coming up after this week until round 2 so I was hoping to keep him. Maybe try to deal Aiyuk ?

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Sure Aiyuk would be a fine substitute. You might get him for less if your league mate hasn’t been paying attention.

He’s up to date. Very competitive league but he needs help this week at RB and can’t afford to wait.

In that case I’d definitely begin Edmonds and if / when rejected immediately go in with Aiyuk too and let them know clearly this a serious offer to help right away

Would you move Edmonds if drake is out this week and ride the hot hand? I am 5-4 and my opponent started Tannehill/Henry so I feel pretty confident in my chances this week.