Target Josh Gordon?

Considering trying to trade for Josh Gordon because i believe he has to land in a better situation. My thought was offering Burkhead for Gordon. Other team is RB needy. My current RBS are Gurley, Drake, D. Freeman, Burkhead, Kerryon Johnson, and I just snatched up Buck Allen on Waivers.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Not a bad move, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding both players right now. In your position I would probably float something like that and see what they think.

Thanks for the response. Thats my thought and could potentially lock up an explosive receiver. My current wrs are aj green, d. thomas, c. davis, ted ginn, and desean jackson.

And i’m a bit concerned about d. thomas to be honest.

Does my wr corps influence your opinion one way or the other?

So I just heard on the Footballers Podcast that Gordon’s teammates have said something along the lines of “he needs professional help more than he needs a new team”. Very worrying.

I want no part of Josh Gordon until we figure out what the hell is going on. He has not done anything fantasy significant in his last 6 games of the past two seasons. We have no idea what he is going to do, or if he is even going to land on his feet with a new team. Don’t ship anyone who has a clear-cut role for him.

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You have the depth to make that offer. Plus with Burk’s inconsistency and injury concern… i think it’s fair enough.

Looks like Josh Gordon is headed to the Pats. That’ll kill this guys desire to trade him. Thanks everyone for the input though.

He was rage dropped over the weekend in my league, but I’m 8th on the wire. The guy who dropped him has 1st priority. If he picks him back up after dropping him and basically throws his waiver position away over something he had full control over then I am going to torment him mercilessly. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you should :joy: