Target MT and Ertz?

I don’t know if I should try to make more moves or just roll with what I have.
I feel like I can improve on WR and TE.

Big Ben
David johnson
Kerryon Johnson
Jordan Howard
Nick Chubb
Brandin Cooks
John Brown
Keenan Allen
Doug Baldwin
Trey Burton

I feel like I should target Michael Thomas and maybe trade David Johnson for him straight up(that owner def needs RB help).
Maybe get Zach Ertz and propose Nick Chubb and Trey?

I feel like this is the third time I mentioned this but I’m really stuck and don’t know if I should risk disrupting my team.

I like the idea of trying to grab Thomas, but personally I’d try to sell them on a package with like Howard or Kerryon. I just think DJ will be more valuable and reliable than those two going forward and you still have Chubb when you need him. Definitely hard to give up the depth though.

Thank you, Jeremy. I sent that exact proposal. Lets see if anything happens.