Target Penny?

Saquon owner here. Didn’t have any RB depth behind him and Jones so packaged some trades to aquire a few. Managed to swap Mattinson to the Cook owner for Hyde and Kittle+Thielen for Carson (have Waller).

Now that i have a few startable RB’s (Jones, Carson, Hyde, Mostert, darrel Williams) should i take that depth and go after Penny in case something should happen to Carson’s role? Or just ride the depth i have till Barkley returns?

Was thinking of swapping Hyde for Penny. What do you guys think?

Bumping to the top

AS a Carson owner as well im trying to aquire penny. Id rather have penny over Hyde. My thought process is that team always wants to run so i want to lock it down.

Yes to going after penny I’m trying to. Also looking to add cj procise as well