Targeting a rb

so half ppr 12 team 5man bench with 4wr/rb roster limits

my team is
ceh, singletary,robinson,moss
ertz, hurst

the CMC owner has 0 rb depth and paired godwin and evans also lost bell to ir for now
Jacobs owner has chubb and R. jones but fairly weak wr
Taylor owner is starting slayton and K. Allen so he could use wr help too and has barkley

Am i trying for to much does anyone see a reasonable trade off my team for any of those.

Really would like to package fuller and singletary maybe with lamb or robinson as well so if theres other rbs i should think of please feel free

This is exactly my team. I would trade away R. Jones for most of your WRs.

Jones is at the low end of the starter rbs that i could accept but fuller for jones seems like im giving alot up with the threat of fournette taking the job at some point would you be concerned about that?

Totally valid concern. But Jones is hot and I don’t have faith in Fournette. I also have concerns about Fuller’s ability to stay healthy and tough schedule the next two weeks. I like Jones schedule for the next 7 weeks.

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Yeah im nervous about fullers health but while hes healthy still hes got pretty good value as a number 1 on a team with a qb who can sling it.

Is fuller singletary a decent offer for taylor? or is that low balled idk where most people actually value taylor at. i know everyone is high on him but where he falls in the rb values im not too sure

I need to trade a rb in it with the roster limits or i have to drop one

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Yeah, I’d probably do that deal if I needed the WR.