Targeting Barkley owner

Trying to capitalize on the Barkley injury as the guy who owns him has legit 0 viable RBs.

12 Team full ppr
His Team:
QB: Mahomes, Jimmy G
RB: Barkley, Hyde, Mattinson, Edmonds, (had james white but had to drop him to pickup and play Hyde after he was declared Out on gameday)
WR: Hilton, Mclaurin, Green, Shepard, Perriman
TE: Kelce, Hockinson
D: Saints, vikings (idk why)

My Team:
QB: Allen
RB: Drake, Hunt, Montgomery, Coleman, Michel, Robinson
WR: Thomas (IR), Moore, Woods, Lazard, Miller, Deebo(IR), Campbell
TE: Cook

I was thinking swapping either Monty+Cook or Hunt+Cook to try and get Kelce, dunno if that’s worth it/a good idea.


Depending on how desperate he is, you will probably need to offer Hunt/Cook for him to move off Kelce. I would have a back up trade handy (i.e. Hunt for McLaurin both will be good in PPR based on volume) in case he cant give up Kelce. Until Thomas comes back Woods and Moore are low-end WR1s, high-end WR 2s based on their teams gameplan. McLaurin is the unquestioned #1 target (the only real target) in Was. Also, while Thomas is out, I believe Cook’s target share will go up in NO offense.

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If I can’t get Kelce i almost feel like any other trade isn’t worth it. I feel like i can’t spare the RB depth that isn’t a far-and-away upgrade, and Mclaurin (while obviously talented) isn’t that big of an upgrade over Moore and Woods. Moore and Woods I believe can carry me until Thomas gets back. I agree with the Cook assessment, but RoS Kelce is clearly the better option no?

Kelce is definitely the better option, but again it depends on how desparate he is to get a good RB to give up Kelce.

Which would you rather KEEP RoS, Hunt or Monty? I’ll try them both in the trade but i can’t decide who i want as my RB2. Monty gets the volume but is on a bad offense and isn’t crazy talented, but Hunt has all the talent in the world but isn’t the “primary” back, still enough to stay relevant as an RB2 but has a cap.

Definitely, Hunt, but unfortunately, you may need to offer Hunt/Cook to get Kelce. I would start with Montgomery/Cook to see how desparate he is, then up it to Hunt/Cook or he may counter offer in your favor. This trade really depends on him.