Targeting Bell or Brown

I got Gurley, Gordon, and Cook in my 8 team PPR draft and I was thinking of trying to use my RB depth to get Bell.

Current team is

Running backs:

Wide receivers.
Tyreek Hill
Doug Baldwin
Marvin Jones
Emmanuel sanders
Devin Funchess

The other alternative would be to target Brown cuz I’m not stoked about my receivers. The Brown owner doesn’t really know fantasy or football well, so I might be able to steal him for cheap with Cook and a receiver.


I wouldn’t bother with Bell. You’re obviously very strong at RB and Bell carries a lot of risk for multiple reasons. Brown would be nice, but I try not to abuse newbies with bad trades. Don’t want to put a bad taste in their mouth regarding fantasy. Your call, but that’s me.

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If you could move Dalvin Cook and perhaps Marvin Jones for Leveon, I would definitely do that. I don’t see myself moving Gordon or Gurley for him though.

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I think DFWB brought up a good point. I’d rather have brown than bell right now.

As far as the inexperienced owner goes, I wouldn’t offer a laughable trade, but I want brown and that team needs RB help so i think I’ll try cook/WR for brown

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