Targeting Dalvin Cook

Cook owner is RB rich and WR poor. I want to make a good pass at trading for Cook and need some help on a reasonable trade:

RB: Cook, Zeke, Gore, Montgomery
WR: Thielen, Boyd (those are his best)

RB: McCaffrey, Carson, Darrel Williams
WR: Evans, Marquise Brown, DeSean, Alshon, Demarcus Robinson, Gallup, Chark

I’d like to keep Carson and Evans, but I think I’d be fine parting with either one in a 2 for 1. I’d prefer to keep Carson because my RB depth took a hit when I traded Sony for Waller.

Is Evans+Alshon a good starting point? Would Brown/Alshon/Chark be enough?

12 team superflex, 0.5 PPR

I would want Evans and Carson and that would be about the only thing I would consider, and I still might not accept that. Cook is a top 3 RB right now. And his depth after Zeke and Cook is not great so it’s going to take quite a bit to get him I think.

yea im not certain there is something you could offer for cook, he is too good this season and would need a true haul to acquire him.

help with mine

Thanks. I’m a little worried about Carson having a drop in production, so I might make a generous offer for Cooks. Looks like it’ll need to be VERY generous though.

Honestly, I’d prefer Lindsey for the pass catching in full PPR. Sony is worthless there. I found Sony to be someone I just didn’t want. Consistently getting 15+ carries, less than 10 points per week, and ZERO catches on the season. I can’t imagine his usage goes up that much later in the season because he’s already getting a lot of carries. Maybe his output improves or he catches a few passes, but I just didn’t want him.

I don’t know how your WR/TEs are, but you are stacked at RB. I’d rather flip someone to help you
there in full PPR. Good luck!

my WR corp is Robert Woods, DeVante Adams, MVS, Marvin Jones Jr, Terry McLaurin, Golden Tate

TE is Darren Waller