Targeting diggs in a trade should I do this deal?

Stefon diggs for marshawn lynch and Nelson agholor. 12 team half pt ppr my lineup would be Russ j Howard zeke devante Adams diggs Connor at the flex. My only worry is after leveon comes back my backup RBs are Peyton barber and bilal powell. Not ideal if zeke or Howard go down with injury. Should I do the deal? This deal is a reaction to Baldwin going down with an injury for me I don’t feel comfortable starting Marvin Jones week in week out.

If you can find an owner to give you Diggs for Lynch and Agholor, I would take it and run. If someone offered my lynch and agholor for Diggs, I probably wouldn’t even respond.

haha yeah he has derrick henry and duke johnson as his rb so he is a little desperate. he has antonio brown and cooper so he’s set at wr

with last night’s look, he may be concerned with cooper (as he should be). but if you can score that trade you win easily

Yes you do that deal 10/10 times. What Cousins can do with this offense once he gets comfortable in it is going to be huge for Diggs and Thielen.

the one thing that worries me about diggs is that thielen doubled his targets last game so it looked like a repeat of last year.

Think of it like this.

Thielen gives you better floor

Diggs gives you bigger ceiling :smiley:
winwin for both

diggs side of this deal. and IMHO diggs > thielen. I like thielen just fine, but not more than diggs.