Targeting Diontae or Hollywood

Diontae I feel like is a GREAT pickup. But, in return, my league-mate wants either Hill, Jones, or Jefferson from me. Which is a big ask, and I am debating on if he’s even worth it to lose any of the 3 (no matter how inconsistent they have been).

When I pointed out that that was a bad 1-for-1 trade for me, he said he would package Carson, Damien Harris, Sutton, Saquan, or Michael Carter. Any thoughts? Think it’s worth it?

Also, another team is also in talks with me about Hollywood for Kirk, Beasley, and Davis. Again, I am willing to give up all three. It’s just he feels like Hollywood is so valuable that he may ask for Jefferson – which I wouldn’t take that trade.

I’ve been looking to hold and trade high Chase Claypool, Corey Davis, Beasley, or Christian Kirk in a package though, so they are people I am willing to package if necessary. I’m looking to build more depth on my roster…

Jefferson for Diontae is at best a sideways step. If the asking price of Hollywood is Jefferson too then you walk.

For sure, that’s why I if it was Diontae for Jefferson, he would have to put forth a package deal of either Diontae and Michael Carter or Diontae and Sutton.

But I feel you on the Hollywood for Jefferson side, that’s why I was trying to trade high with Kirk, Beasley, and Davis.

I totally agree. But I’d be wary of teams attempting to include Jefferson at all. If he comes up I’d be thinking immediately this will cost too much,move on.

If they’ll do deals for role players sure, but I think they’ll push boundaries

Makes sense … glad to know I was thinking similar.