Targeting Mahomes?

Hi everyone,

My league went CRAZY on QBs this draft (full ppr). One guy has three, and by the 10th, my best option was Mariota. I’m looking to maybe get Mahomes from the 3-qb owner to try and stash. Two questions:

  1. should I? I don’t like having 2 qb, but since they drafted almost all of them, streaming will be very difficult if Mariota doesn’t pan out.

  2. if so, who should I offer? Roster of my rb/we below:

sorry, forgot to add—12-team for what it’s worth.

I’m fine with starting Mariota. have him in a lot of leagues.

Let others in your league waste spots on multiple QBs. Once injuries hit, they going to need to start dropping and you can get them for free then.

Yeah man you can roll with that lineup don’t sweat it

Thank you for the advice. I was very high on Mariota with the new offensive scheme but this preseason hasn’t been the best (understanding that preseason should be taken with a grain of salt). I guess I was just worried because the pool is rather thin (if I have to sign due to injury, my options are Trubisky/Darnold/Bortles)

Bortles is more than fine as a starting QB early. His schedule is a breez and he has always produced as a competent fantasy QB, just not a real life one.