Targeting Melvin Gordon, who would you offer?

.5 PPR

I want M. Gordon and I have put in two offers in for him S. Michel and C. Thompson; however, I don’t think he will bite with those. who would you offer as a fair trade to get the conversation going, if he doesn’t take it? He could use anything he is 0-3 team right now.

My roster:
RB: CMC, K. Johonson, M. Breida, C. Thompson, S. Michel
WR: Evans, Thielen, B. Cooks, MVS, J. Gordon

Thoughs and assistance is greatly appreciated.

As someone who drafted Melvin in both my leagues and held him, I think you’ll be hard pressed at this point to get him for cheap. I know I view him as an RB1 now, whether that proves true or not moving forward. But he’s finally about to pay off for those who spent draft capital on him.

To answer your question though, Johnson and Evans/Thielen/Cooks would get my attention and the conversation started. I may be way too high on his value though.

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Going to take at least one of the following: Johnson, Evans, or Cooks. (I’m assuming you aren’t wanting to trade CMC and I think Cooks is better than Thielen this year.)

Even with 1 of those you would probably have to add another decent flex type player to have any sort of chance of getting him.

If I got an offer for Michel or Thompson straight up for Gordon I would have laughed and hit reject very quickly.

I’m of the opinion that Gordon will likely be a RB 2 due to the way Ekler has been playing. The Chargers are going to want to keep Ekler involved which should eat pretty heavily into Gordons touches.
That being said, I was a Gordon owner and just traded him for Kittle.

But I’m fairly stacked at RB and only had Witten at TE (Standard non-ppr scoring)
My trading partner had Kittle and Ertz and was thin at RB so it was a trade that made sense. It will take a few weeks to see who got the better end of this deal.

now thats a deal, I wish I could make.

I think Gordon will be be a RB1 rest of year. Ekeler will have stand alone value as a start-able flex player in many match ups with a ceiling.

Now that he has actually reported and is practicing, not just rumors, Gordon owners are gonna expect top 5 RB1 value probably.

I got lucky and got him on Monday for Carson and Hollywood Brown when the rumors were starting to swirl. Guy I traded with was 0-3 and wasn’t sure when he might be back and needed players to try and win this week.

I agree with most of this group that you’ll need to send something more.

I would try Sony and Thielen or Cooks and see if that sticks. Do they need a starting WR? If they’re 0-3 and just got Melvin back they may roll the dice that their luck can change.

I’ve already tried trading for him and in two leagues the only thing that interested the Gordon owner was Dalvin Cook. (I have him in both leagues). So yeah I would say his price is pretty high.

Melvin for saquon?