Targeting Odell or LeVeon for 2wr and 1rb

10 team full PPR, 5 bench spots
QB / 2WR / 2RB / FLEX / TE / K / DEF

My team is:
QB - Dak
WR’s - Antonio, Devante Parker, Garcon, Thielen, Golladay
RB’s - Zeke, Montgomery, Cohen, Abdullah, Ingram, Jamal Charles
TE - Gronk
K - empty
Def - Lions

I’m in first place and I want to send Parker, Thielen and Ingram to some of the bottom place teams for OBJ or Leveon which is a lot but my view is to get someone’s first round pick I’m gonna have to pay up.

Parker, Thielen and Ingram are all startable and might be better than their current starting rosters.

Am I crazy or crazy like a fox?

I would target OBJ, and I think it is worth it. You get to pick up more flex depth after the trade too.
Your team looks pretty solid with RB’s, and could definitely benefit from another stud WR.
If you go for Bell, I would sub out Thielen with Cohen.

Now, them accepting the trade might be the crazy part.

I’d do that for either from your perspective. To be honest, I’d be more than a little insulted by the offer though.

Thanks for the recommendation about LVB @steven_piper!

Hey @DFWB thanks for the insight and for you if your team is 0-3 or 1-2 would you be thinking of trying to make some moves with your only good commodity or would you be more apt to holding onto your stud and playing the waiver wire?

Sure. Im not going to panic sell though, and that’s what that trade would be, in my book.

That’s not alot from your view honestly. The Bell owner would be stupid to give that trade any thought at all. Depth is good, ut at some point you need top talent. I would package Montgomery, Parker, and maybe even Gronk for Bell and a bench piece back. That’s what it should take at least, and maybe not even that.

Glad I posted since I value Parker and Thielen way too high in PPR so it’s not worth pissing someone off with this offer.

I’m thinking Parker and Thielen can get me 10 to 20 points a week and Ingram catches enough passes to get double digits and that’s way better than what the teams at the bottom are getting from their guys.

I guess I’ll wait and see if the production plays out like I hope it will and maybe then it’ll make sense to make some moves.

@swissarmyaccountant it might be foolhardy but I’m riding Monty and Gronk till they break down but I appreciate the suggestions.

To each his own! All about having fun :slight_smile:

Yeah I really worry about monty’s usage and the effect it’s going to have on him since he’s got sickle cell.

And Gronk’s eventually gonna miss time but these days it seems like the only high end TE that play’s every game is Kelce so best to run with Gronk. Ertz is on the rise but even he has missed a few games here and there.