Targeting RB - Trade Help

I have McCaffrey and Carson, so I’m in great shape with starters, but I didn’t even have a 3rd RB rostered until picking up Burkhead on waivers.

I’m looking at Singletary or LeSean McCoy. Both owners have better starters as opposed to the Bell owner who’s trotting out Rashaad Penny as an RB2.

Is Mike Evans fair trade value? Am I giving too much or too little?

Or would you stay put and find ways to survive bye weeks. At WR I also have Gallup, Alshon, Chark, Hollywood and DeSean , so I feel like I can spare Evans. He frustrates me anyway.

Think you are giving up too much. I would try Alshon or Hollywood and see if you can get him to bite. You are trading away one of your best WR 's for a back up RB. I would see if he would take Alshon or Hollywood for one of those guys. I would prefer Singletary over McCoy.

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Agree 100%. Try what you can to get Singletary, I think he will be very good over then next 4-5 weeks with their soft schedule. Probably need to trade Alshon since Hollywood probably won’t play this week