Targeting Slayton

What is Slayton’s value after week 2? Is Chark too much for him? I could offer Ingram or Mckinnon straight up instead.

My opinion, I don’t want any Giant. That team is horrendous. Their Oline is terrible. With Saquon out though, someone has to get the ball and I would side with Slayton. If you could get Slayton for McKinnon, I would really consider that one. Not too high on McKinnon long term. I would take my chances on Slayton. Not sure what your RB or WR situation is as it stands. My opinion

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RBs: CEH, J. Taylor, Ingram, Mckinnon and Kelley
WRs: Tyreek, Woods, Chark, Diontae Johnson and MVS

Very comfortable with my depth. Do you suggest targeting another WR of similar value?

Oh yeah solid depth. You could try to buy low on AJ Green possibly. But I would definitely look to move McKinnon if someone will bite

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