Targeting T. HIll

Would you guys target Tyreek for a trade right now after two down games?

I just traded away A. Jones and T. Lockett for D. Cook and Lamb. Was thinking of trading away Diggs for Hill. Diggs has been solid but I dont think he is ever going to be a week winning kind of guy. I am hoping the addition of Flash in KC will free up some of the coverage on Hill. He has been seeing a ton of double teams the last couple of weeks because its just him and Kelce that hurts teams. With the addition of Flash it will make it make it a real guessing game of who to throw to.

My other WR’s are J. Judy, D. Johnson, Corey Davis, and Beasley. 1/2 PPR and we run 3 WR’s in starting lineup

What are your thoughts on targeting Hill right now?