Targets for Gurley Trade

This is my rookie season and i’m struggling to get a handle on what fair trade offers are. What sort of targets should I be looking for in trying to trade away Gurley?

As an example, I think I might be able to get McCoy off his current owner. Is a straight deal fair? Or could I get more than that?

This week I turned down a trade for Gurley, receiving McCaffrey and AJ Green. I turned it down because I didn’t want that big a downgrade at RB given i’ll be left with Hyde, Forte, Aaron Jones and James White - despite AJ Green being a stud WR. Is that reasonable?

Depends if you’re in PPR or Standard leauge for the McCaff trade. His value is going up every week and now that KB is gone, he has target room. From that point you’re just trying to add depth to your roster.

Received an offer of Ajayi and Jeffery … thoughts?

it depends if you like to stack your team with players on the same team. Wentz is hot and Ajayi is still unknown in the backfield. Seems like a really hot committee

I’m in trade discussions with someone over Kirk Cousins and i’m wondering whether I can include Gurley and how to gain an appropriate amount of value for him. The respective rosters:

QB: Goff, Cousins
RB: Gurley, Hyde, Forte, Jones, White (Johnson on IR)
WR: Crabtree, Hilton, Thielen, Adams, Sanu
TE: Graham, Engram
K: Boswell
DEF: Bears

QB: Ryan
RB: Ingram, McKinnon, Ajayi, Blount, Mixon, Thompson
WR: Brown, Tate, Dez Bryant, Fuller, Watkins
TE: Rudolph, Davis
K: Lutz
DEF: Texans

8 team, 0.5 PPR. I’m about to go 7-3, he 5-5. He’s offered me Ryan & Blount for Cousins & Forte which i’m turning down because I have no interest in Blount on his own. I was thinking I could go Ryan & Ingram for Cousins & Gurley? Is that sensible or am I missing value?

I think you’re losing in that trade. Gurley is #1 in fantasy right now, cousins is top 10 as of right now. Ryan hasn’t been that good all year, don’t see why it would change. Ingram is hot but he still sharing. As a gurley owner, not worth it.

STOP TRYING TO TRADE GURLEY ALREADY! Jesus this guys gonna be like #1 at end of season and theres gonna be so many ppl mad they traded him. Fischer is gone and it’s proven he was the problem at this point.

Cousins is much better than Ryan so far this year. So to make this a fair Trade you need to boost the RB value on the Ryan side of things. I would look to get Ajayi, his Playoff games look nice.

I agree with arshagarbon, Keep Gurley!

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I also own Gurley. I don’t see any scenario where I would trade him. I mean, if you got Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell, then yeah, but no one would offer that. But that’s the level of player Gurley is. He stands a very good chance to be the NUMBER 1 non quarter back player in fantasy.

I hear what you’re all saying - but are any of you concerned by his schedule and what that means for him ROS? Vikings, Saints, Eagles, Seahawks in there. Admittedly he’s only had one dud game this season so far, but that was against the Seahawks and at home. Can it not be argued that there’s a way to cash in on the fact that he is (currently) RB1 and get someone with a more favourable schedule?