Targetting WRs

Bit of advice if you can Footclan, in a 1/2 Pt PPR

So I am pretty set at RB with Mccoy,Murray,Kamara and Mccafrey with Collins warming the bench.

I only really have Crabtree as a WR. Others are Kearse, Marquise Lee, TY Hilton

I am targetting the team with weak RBS, and he has AB, Bryant and Diggs,

What do you think he could bite on? I was considering Mccafrey for Diggs, am I giving up too much?

What about a package? Take a RB like Collins off of the big game last week and pair him with Hilton or Lee and go get AB. Or even Collins and Murray. I would package them also and try for AB. If you want Diggs, then maybe Collins or Murray will work. I would hold on to McCaffery. They just traded their WR away so Cam is gonna need pass catchers and that’s what McCaffery does at the RB.

Unfortunatley Hiltons got absolutely no value at the moment with Luck looking like being out for a long period. Trading in my league is quite tough unless people feel like they’re getting a bit more.

I can’t see me getting AB unless i throw in someone elite

Yeah I get the Hilton deal. He’s not lookin good at all. If it’s tough there you’d probably have to give up McCoy for AB which I’m not to sure I would do. I have McCoy and am keeping him. You’ll probably get Diggs quicker and maybe he would like Murray for that or Murray and Kearse.

Update, I think I can get Keenan Allen for Mccafrey from the Keenan Allen owner, seem fair?

Man that’s a tough one. Maybe just because I’m a McCaffery fan. Allen should get it together though. He’s on bye now and week ten against Jax, and they will likely shit him down. After that though his schedule looks pretty good especially in the playoff weeks. If you trust your other RBs then I’d take it.

thanks for your help, I’m in negotiations and looking at Keenan or Dez, so will see what the outcome is

Go for dez. leads the league in red zone targets (including all tight ends) and zeke just got suspended so games will be closer and cowboys will throw more and depend more on dak. top 10 rest of season

So the deal was done, Mccaffrey for Keenan Allen, hope that doesn’t bite me.

The Dez owner oddly came back and offered me Dez and Cam, for Dak

My line up is now, Dak, Mccoy,D.Murray,Crabtree,Kupp,Kamara

Allen (bye), Collins, my other bench players are not worth mentioning,

Would you do the Dez trade (won’t be until next week as he’s got a serious byepocalypse issue)