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Tarik Cohen and Martavis or Kamar and John Brown. ROS


Hey guys! New to the forum, have a question. My starting roster is pretty well stacked and i’'m looking to upgrade some flex/bench spots. John brown is on the waiver and i have Martavis Bryant and Tarik cohen. I can trade both of them for Alvin Kamara and grab Brown off the waiver. Would ya? Also am trying to see if Tevin coleman is available. Non-ppr, 12 team league.

Thanks guys!



i have bryant as well and he has not done much but has alot of potential-BUT i really like kamara but if its not ppr i would look to get someting better-not an expert just my opinion-


Oh have I tried. No take on Demarco, Lamar, or Ajayi. Offered Tarik straight up for Stewart, no bite. Seems like everyone has lost the faith in him


i would not touch stewart with a ten foot pole-i have mccaffrey and stewart looks terrible-try the waiver wire and get mack etc of the colts -


He gone. Super deep league. Rb’s go quick and often as everyone seems to know what they’re doing.



i know you probably dont wanna trade hunt but put it out there and see what happens as his bye week is 10-good luck to ya!