Tarik Cohen, Nick Chubb, or Mark Ingram?

Need your help here guys. I know what the rankings say but just curious to your opinion on who you would start out of these 3? Josh Gordon is also an option since this is a flex spot. At the moment I’m leaning towards Cohen. Chubb has a tough matchup and Ingram has Kamara. It is a 12 team full ppr.

Chubb > Gordon > Cohen > Ingram

PPR for this week I’d go Cohen/Chubb/Gordon/Ingram. Cohen should see a lot of touches in the game vs the Jets and the jets play just competitive enough to not allow Chi to cruise control for a half. Chubb against a Pitt D that’s trending better vs the run worries me and NE could be in cruise control by half time in Buf. I simply don’t trust Ingram.

That’s kind of where I’m at with it. There just seems to be a wide variety of rankings on Cohen this week.

Cohen gets his catches in PPR so he’s basically this years J McKinnen

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