Tarik cohen or gio bernard PPR Dynasty

who do you prefer and why?

Cohen for me in dynasty, I see him getting more involved this year and as Howard catch a cold he’ll get that 3rd down passing work. Mixon will compete with Gio for passing down work and if can really excel Gio will be more of a handcuff than a flex guy like i believe Cohen will become. Also Cohen has age on his side as well to sway me to more long term production as well.


I’m pretty optimistic about Turok Cohen going forward. Probably a bit too optimistic, but I heard an interview where Nagy was talking about possibly using him in the Tyreek Hill mold and it got me all hot and bothered.

Gio will probably get more work than he should with Lewis still there, but if there’s any sort of competency in the Cincy front office (which there’s no sign of thus far), he’ll be gone after this season and I would expect Mixon to be the bellcow there as much as that’s possible, so I see Gio as a handcuff.


turok all the way. he is a sophomore RB/WR? who with only 140 touches put up 700+ yards and 3 TDs in a very unimaginative offense. in comes Nagy, one of the more creative offensive minds in recent history that uses gadget players like this very effectively. gio did put up more stats with essentially the same amount of touches. problem is, thats his role. thats all his role will ever be marv there and that front office there. unless gio goes to his perfect spot, he wont be any more than that. the dino hunter on the other hand, is only looking to get better and be used more. even if he puts up the same touches, for the same amount of yards, his TDs are all but assured to go up with Nagy there. and i know, you cant rely on TDs. but 3, for that type of player, with that HC, it aint gonna stay like that. plus his touches will go up. i think he gets about 60 more, putting him at 200 total with most of his work coming in the passing game. if he hold up his same pace of yards per touch, that gets him to 1000 yards, and i would guess 6 TDs. ill take that over Gio any day. but, you do have to believe in what i believe for that to happen.

Cohen and it is not close for me. Ascending talent that they know they need to use more often and effectively. Younger and (ideally) healthier.