Would you trade Tate and Buck for AJ Green?

100000% yes

100000000000000000000000% yes…no questions asked…what is your login info so I can accept this for you!

Uuuhhhhjj, Yep!

Not even a question. AJ Green>Any lions or ravens player combinations.

haha I tried to think of a combo to counter this argument… I could not. LOL… 100% accept trade.

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100% would smash for AJ Green.

No way do not make that trade. People are projecting the Bengals offense to turn things around this year but I’ll believe it when I see it. With a non-existent running game, defenses aren’t even bothering to play run defense and focus entirely on the passing game. It also doesn’t help that Andy Dalton forgot how to throw a football and has probably completed more passes to opposing defenses than his own WR’s. I don’t see things getting any better in Cincinnati this year, and I bet even the Browns can beat them. Until Andy Dalton remembers how to throw a football again, AJ Green will hardly produce low end WR2 numbers. Golden Tate is a low end WR1 and Buck Allen can produce low-end RB1 to high end RB2 numbers. Don’t make the trade if you wanna win games this season.