Tate and Kerreyon for Kupp?

Would you guys do this trade? Even after tate getting traded to Philly? I would be getting the kupp side. PPR

I have plenty of RB depth kerreyon prob won’t start for me this season

I think you can do better than Kupp. I like the guy, but you’re giving away two heavy hitters, and there are soooo many weapons for Goff to throw to, it’s hard to determine.

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I agree but Kupp was the number one up to the point where he got hurt

I don’t know if it’s possible to argue any of them were the #1 before he got hurt. Cooks/Woods/Kupp averaged 8.75/9.4/8.8 targets a game before he went down (not including the game he went down). His numbers are good, yes, but it also shows that there are soooo many different options… I didn’t even include freaking Gurley… I’d personally rather target a true, clear-cut WR 1 (perhaps Evans who is past his Bye) Or Keenan Allen who is a good buy low target. Maybe even up the RB you’re giving away and go get Thielen. Definitely wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to flex Kerryon and play Thielen over Tate.

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