Tate for Cooper

Tate for Cooper? My other main WR’s are K.Allen and J.Gordon.

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Yes no brainer in my opinion

if you’re getting tate then do it for sure

Are you receiving Tate or Cooper?

I’d rather have Cooper than Tate personally. Despite the atrocity of MNF.

I think Kenny G is going to eat into Tate’s workload going forward.

How do you guys feel about Cooper? I really want to buy him… but see the raiders struggling also

As a cooper holder, I am holding. I am not buying. Derek Carr is awful. Like absolute trash. And Gruden as a coach, is what we thought he would be. Straight trash homie.

I’m not panicking yet but I’m now viewing this as a buy low opportunity just yet. Obviously if you get some ridiculous trade for him, then do it. But I’m not interested in offering any equivalent values for Cooper right now. I’m only holding cause I buy the talent.