Tate for Yeldon?

I’m not sure how I feel about this trade but my RB situation is somewhat desperate and I need wins as I’m 1 - 4

12 man full ppr

QB: Philip Rivers
RB: J. Howard, P. Lindsay, Derrick Henry, Duke Johnson, Corey Clement, Mike Davis
WR: Antonio Brown, Cooper Kupp, Golden Tate, Keke Coutee
TE: Jared Cook, Greg Oslen
D: Bears
K Succop

I traded Derrick Henry & Golden Tate for T.J. Yeldon & Devin Funchess.

Was this an awful trade? I think the next 3 games for Yeldon will be big and I need the wins badly.

Kupp and Brown keep me pretty good in the WR section. Byes I will do my best to cover with waivers. I also think Fornette will continue to be a bum and Golden Tate’s schedule gets harder.

Was this an okay trade?

If you need to win now its not completely horrible. Worst trade in full point PPR for you than in .5 or standard.

Yea I felt good about it earlier and now I’m having buyers remorse. Seems like the hamstring issue might limit fournette a lot more than anyone expected so I’m hoping that keeps Yeldon relevant.