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Tate or Bryant? Help


I need to make up some points after having Green and Eifert in Thursdays game. Do I play is safe with Tate or go for the upside with Bryant at home. 10 team PPR.
Right now I am playing Willson, Freeman, Crowell, Green, Tate, Eifert, Fitz, Cards D and Tucker.
I am up against Carr, Bell, J Rodgers, Cooks, Cooper, Reed, M Wallace, Seahawks D and Crosby.

Thanks! Good luck this week.


I like the Bryant upside. He literally looks like a racehorse. Still questions remain but could see him blowing up.


Bryant and Big Ben have better results at home than on the road, Tate with the giants secondary is looking slim


You probably need as much upside as you can get with Green and Eifert having bad games. Bryant would be my play.