Tate or Golladay?

So I’ve got both and was wondering could you start both wr or would you try trade one

League is full ppr btw

Tate owner here, I am actively trying to acquire Golladay and then looking to package Tate and an RB1 for a WR1. I think Tate will definitely continue to be a viable option, but Golladay is just looking so good.

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I think I actually prefer Golladay. The dude looks really good. However I think you could play them both, it will cap your upside some weeks so I probably would look to trade Tate. But I don’t think you necessarily NEED to trade Tate. I think they’ve both had solid weeks for all of the first three so obviously it can be done.

Was thinking of packing Tate with a rb but only problem is my rbs are d.freeman Gurley , McCoy , Lamar miller and no one wants any of them except Gurley and iam not trading him was trying to offer the hunt owner Freeman and Tate before this weekend but wasn’t interested , I was thinking maybe tagey DJ with Tate and Freeman but Dono if that’s too much or too little