Tate to Philly

Tate to Philly for a 3rd rounder. Does this hurt Tate’s fantasy output?

Nah, if anything it increases everyone in that offenses value. Less people on Jeffrey, and Wentz has another reliable target.

Real question is does golladay become a must snag


I was just about to ask what this does for Golladay. I was getting down on him after 2 terrible weeks in a row. It has to be a huge upgrade for him right?

I’m gonna try to snag him, offering Jalen Richard and Trequan smith for him :stuck_out_tongue: I need Kenny

I’ve had him and been high on him, but was considering benching him after the past two weeks. Until this news, that is. Now I’m reconsidering everything.

I’ve also had Demaryius on my bench for awhile and wondering what his new scenery might do for his value.

I think his value goes up with a more reliable qb. I stashed Sutton on my bench last week. I’m pretty happy about that

How does the impact Marvin Jones Jr? Back to high end WR2?

The whole offense goes up! You have a stud QB with a studly new toy in Tate! Tate has great hands, he’s fast, and can take the top off the defense. This will also open up the box for rushing with Adams. As a Philly fan I am stoked! I was hoping for Tate or D Jax, but D Jax has been injury prone his entire career…

My question as well @michael_pounders …Jones is on waivers and wondering if he should be #1 priority over Sutton now.

Jones? As in Aaron Jones? Tough call, I lean Jones but Mike McCarthy is really going out of his way to try and get fired and not using him 100%

same, i got sutton last week. best $1 FAB spent on a WR. And i just traded James connor and Jalen for Cam newton (desperately needed a QB) and Sammy watkins. With Tyreek hill hurt and bell reporting back this week, im beyond stoked for my team.

QB: Cam
WR: Alshon, TY hilton, Sutton, Sammy, Corey Davis, Sterling shep,
RB: Melvin gordon, Jordan howard, Kerryon, Corey clement
TE: GRonk

No Marvin Jones Jr.

The issue for Marvin Jones, this week, is he plays Min.

The question is, what about Golladay vs. Min? One of them has to produce in what could be a decently high scoring game. Who’s it going to be?

@tlp27 basically, who is Rhodes going to shut down? lol

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You dont think Tate will regress since he has to learn a new playbook?

Asking for a Golladay owning friend who’s been very discouraged the last couple weeks :flushed:

Well I think im going to target Marvin Jones Jr. over Sutton for waivers. He is a proven WR with huge play making ability and has a good QB who likes to throw…a lot.

He will regress a little, but this is the bye week, and they come back playing Dallas… He’ll be in good form starting with the New Orleans matchup.