Taxi Squad Advice

Hey everyone!

Looking for some advice and feedback on taxi squads and how they are setup in your leagues! Currently the leagues I commish only allow rookies to be placed on taxi and for 1 or 2 seasons at most. Considering making non rookies allowed and for up to 3 years but haven’t played in a league like that.

What are your taxi settings in your league(s)?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Here’s the beauty of fantasy football, there’s no one “right” way to do things.

It’s literally all personal preference.

I play in leagues that have taxi squads of up to 4, rookies only. I’ve played in leagues of two spots with year 1 or two players.

When I commish leagues, I prefer to use taxi squads for only second years or rookies, and once you take them off, they can’t go back on it.

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