Taxi squads opinions

How many slots for a dynasty league? Our league has 2 currently.

I don’t think a Taxi squad is a Dynasty “requirement”. There original purpose was to house players that cannot be rostered. i.e. college players for a Devy draft.

There have been many spin offs which allow you to store rookies only or rookies at first and then once the player is promoted post rookie season, they can never go back. IMO, these are unnecessary. Just make the roster larger.

Part of the reason I think they are unnecessary stems from my fundamental belief that there are many ways to build a team. By forcing a taxi squad for rookies, you pigeon whole every team to have to build through the draft or by acquiring rookies. Teams that build through trades or established players are at an automatic disadvantage. Whereas if those taxi spots are just regular roster spots, they can be used with any strategy.

That said, if your league is happy with two spots then roll forward. Each league can be run to the members own desires.

That’s a great reply man thanks for your input.