Taylor for Drake

Stop me! I’m thinking of trading Kenyon Drake for Jonathan Taylor. I have Kyler Murray and am afraid of the maybe bad game and end up with a stinker. I’m getting too hyped on Taylor.

I own both, I’d take Taylor ROS. Kenyan Drake is volatile and the worry with Taylor was that we wouldn’t be as involved in the passing game. He got 6 catches in a single half after Mack went down.
It’s Taylor time

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Thank you- that’s all I needed. Trade proposal sent.

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And proposal accepted. Welcome Jonathan Taylor to Defeated Dad Look’s squad.
You, CEH, and Josh Jacobs(I know - this is a 10 team family league) are gonna be great friends.

In my 12 team I’m rocking Zeke, Boobie and Taylor.

Loving these 1-2-3 RB attacks!

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