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Taylor Gabriel or Devin Funchess


I’m looking for a pick between the two with a justification for why. I need someone to swing me in a direction. Here are my thoughts:

I like Gabriel’s speed and utility which is kind of unique like Tyreek Hill. However, he wasn’t consistently used last year and we really have know idea if Sanu or Gabriel will get the looks this year.

I like that Funchess is the 2nd WR on the Panthers and Ginn is no longer around to siphon off some of the targets. I’m expecting Newton to have a bounce back year this year but I’m also nervous that Caffrey is going to absorb some of the targets that Ginn used to get. Funchess wasn’t worth playing last year and I’m not convinced he’ll be any better in terms of fantasy production this year.

Thoughts? Thanks!


Umm… Your argument speaks for itself… Right now i would lean Funchess (as much as I hate it). Gabriel will be a big play per game (when ever that would be) and Funchess seems a ‘safer’ pick with Carolina depth at WR.
Maybe wait a few weeks and see… both will probs be available after a few weeks when you have a better idea where they stand, and if you dont get them… who cares really a lot of players in same level will come up


^Agreed - just seems like higher upside for Funchess. Maybe he gets more targets bc of threats due to the overall improved run game though? Who knows?


As said before, you did answer your own question. So the question to answer your question is, are you going up against someone you need some upside play against? If so it’s Gabriel. There is a world where he gets 2 TDs and 100 yards from big boom plays. There is also a world where he goes for 15 yards. If you need someone who should be targeted something like 7 times, catches 6 for 60 and maayyybe a td then it’s Devin. So in a ppr 12 points, which is solid. Compaired to 3 points, with 24+ point upside. So let’s say you are facing a guy who had hunt this week, I would go Gabriel hands down. Neither one is going to lose you the game in that case, but 1 of them could win you it.