Taylor or Sanders in dynasty PPR league

I have a trade offer in a 10 team PPR dynasty league requesting my 1.02 (probably Taylor for both of us) for miles Sanders. My current backs are kerryon, mack, and ekeler (yeah this draft destroyed me). My team is in rebuild mode right now so I have no intentions of winning this year. Do I keep the pick and take Taylor who should be a beast next year if mack leaves to another team after his contract or take miles Sanders in the trade?

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Both are good. Taylor is easily the better talent, but I think Sanders we know is a better receiver. IF Ekeler taught us anything, it is productive pass catchers trump grinders in PPR. By a lot.

While I do think JT can catch, we are not sure he translates to the NFL. Admittedly, the odds are high but it does present variables. Will he do well? He should as IND built a robust line. Can he catch? Seems it, but to what degree. What about Mack? I assume JT takes this much like Chubb did in 2018.Without answers to those he is still, frankly, a big variable as are all rookies. He is not unique in that regard.

Sanders we have a year of tape. He looked good. He caught balls. PHI added no competition. They landed a gaggle of WR which ought to help him out by improving the whole offense. All positives.

They are both young, so you are not really losing on the age front.

If it were me, I’m taking Sanders and pretty comfortably. I think JT does have the makings of a really special RB, but we’ve seen it in Sanders and I think he is no slouch himself.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!