Taysom Hill conflict

I picked up taysom hill and I play in ESPN so has the TE eligibility, going to play him there but the league called for a vote a voted against 7-5. I am also the commish, but feel like I am overruled, what would y’all do? Honor the voting? Or play him there? If anybody else would have picked him and play him there I would have made that call and said he is eligible.

If you didn’t pick up Taysom Hill and you were playing team that wanted to throw him in TE- how would you feel? I’m for the majority vote and as the commissioner you should honor it.

Sorry- just reread the last part.
I just go by what the league wants still.

It wouldn’t be open for a vote in my league. I’m the commissioner and one of the other players picked him him to play at TE. I’m just waiting for the whining to start so I can tell them to pound sand. It’s not cheating. ESPN lists him as a TE. No rule against it.

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True but if the league called for a vote and they all voted than you have to honor it. I’m the commissioner of 2 leagues and if we were on ESPN - I agree I allow the TE positioning- but if the league called for a vote and we went forward with it than I feel that’s the call.

If espn allows it then you should be able to play him there, this is the same as either last year or the year before when samuels the RB for pitstsburg was eligible at TE

I was able to get Hill and Winston off waivers to see what would happen. I was 7th in a 12 person league on waivers. I got both of them. It’s how it’s listen on ESPN. They should have taken advantage of the situation. My league tries to say I pull strings because I’m commish. It’s only going to be like this for one week. ESPN will change it if he starts next week.

If you opened it to a vote as commish you gotta honor the vote. I wouldn’t have opened it to a vote to begin with, it’s within the rules set by the platform. It is what it is. But, since you opened it for a vote, gotta honor it.

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