Taysom Hill still at TE

So anyone know what happens if Taysom was in a lineup at TE last week and now hes not eligible for TE but the owner didnt have to move him out of the spot. Will he still score in the TE position or would it just score a 0? I have no idea and trying to read up all I can find is that he cant make any roster moves under it being invalid like having an active person on IR but you can play your week with an active player on IR, He doesnt really need to make moves either

Yes i know commish should be taking care of it but this league is not great but it is what it is so just curious if anyone knows what happens here?

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I’m wondering about this too. I’m the commissioner for my league, and while I feel like Hill should not be TE eligible, I also don’t believe in forcing a player to move his roster around if the platform is allowing him to leave Hill in. So it’s a bit of a conundrum for me. I’m hoping ESPN just forces him to the bench or something.

• If a user chooses to not remove him from that slot, the user will receive points for Hill’s performance. However, if your league deems that to be an unfair advantage, league managers (LMs) have the ability to move Hill out of the starting lineup for any team in their league.

Looks like if you dont have to make moves you can start 2 qbs

That sounds like it could cause a lot of crying in my league. The guy who has him in the TE slot is starting Alex Smith though and actually lost last week despite playing Hill at TE, so he may not want to leave his lineup as-is.

My opinion on the matter is that if the game allows it to happen, it’s not cheating. So I don’t feel good about forcing a roster move.

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I was trying to figure this out too… Will ESPN not count the points if he is in the Te? Or, would it force you to bench him eventually? (It hasn’t yet) or, will you receive the Qb points in the te spot?

It sounds like it may just count the qb points but thats just how I took the post i made before which came off espns faq page