Taysom Hill - TE/QB - How does it work?

In the ESPN app, how will Taysom Hill work as a TE/QB?

If it starts as TE but then starts operating at QB, do you get points like a QB would?

If he is TE but throws a pass, do you get points for reception yards and tuddies?

Any insight is appreciated!

His designation is set, so yeah you’ll get all points: passing, receiving, rushing.

His designation might change next week, but for week 11, he’s a loophole.

Is he worth targeting if you don’t own Kelce? I’ve got Fant and Hooper, neither have been great. Could be a sneaky start. I’ve got $20 in FAAB of $100 left so wondering how much to bid if he’s worth the shot.

I’m thinking he might be worth a week’s use over most TEs. Taysom will be used on trick plays or if Winston throws too many picks. You could get a half dozen points from the QB side of his scoring, which would be more than most TEs will score.

I doubt this loophole will be allowed to continue longer than a week. I wouldn’t spend too much FAB on it but considering you have $100 still, I might spend $10-15

I only have $20 left :confused: was considering around $4 but idk

I lost Kittle so I picked him up and might start him over Goeddert this week. I’m in ESPN’s default settings though, so no FAAB. If it were FAAB, I wouldn’t have bid too much on him.

Added him for $4, seriously considering starting him over Fant or Hooper.