Taywan Taylor or Enunwa ROS

Who would u rather have ROS

Enunwa. Not even close for me.

I know enunwa just ran about 95% of plays last game but he’s more likely around 80 or 85% like other 3 weeks suggests… taywan is gradually increasing and ran 65% last game. Taywan had a good game and with increasing and really no one but sharpe to worry about and I don’t think I have to worry about him very much at all taywan is sitting pretty… I think it’s a lot closer then what people realize

Enunwa owns a 30% target market share on his own team. Enunwa has consistently increased his snap count from 67% to 95% over 4 weeks. You are basing his snap count going back down to 85% based on what exactly? If you’re going to use the same “gradually increasing” trend for Taylor, you can’t then flip the script when it comes to Enunwa and say he’s going to regress.

30% market share is what typical WR1s get. ENunwa is not going to be a WR1 obviously cause the jets dont throw that much but the Corey Davis is the clear leader on the titans offense. So pretty sure Taywan has to worry about him.

Who does Quincy have to worry about? Robby Anderson? Jermaine Kearse?

Q is clearly Darnolds favorite target and it honestly isn’t even remotely close. You’re basing your analysis of taywan on one game where he played <70% of the snaps and where Mariota threw the ball 40+ times and went to overtime against a bottom 10 passing D in the league. That’s not going to be a regular thing. The only WR worth owning on titans is Corey Davis.

Buy into all the taywon hype you want but I’ll take the volume from the teams leading receiver every day of the week. personally don’t even think it’s close but to each their own.

EDIT: For your reference, 95% snap count is very normal for the a teams leading WR and target hog.

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Ok so enunwa didn’t have to contend with Pryor last game… every game Pryor has played which enunwa has been around 80-85% so tell me again how I can’t base that on actual facts. Pryor comes back he sees just a hair less of the field. His 30% target shares might be something if darnold was decent but the jets offense just isn’t good. I’m not saying taywan get those kinda targets every game but I think he makes the most of his targets and gradually increasing his playing time every week gives him a better shot to reach those kinda targets. To say enunwa is going to stay there when Pryor didn’t even play is rediculous because the stats show when Pryor is on the field more enunwa is now.

Edit: sorry did play a whole 2 snaps.

Oh I see you’re worried about pryor. There is very little overlap between those two players in terms of eating into each other’s snap count. Pryor probably shares snapcounts moreso with Anderson/Kearse than Q. Q lines up primarily in the slot, no the X or flanker. It’s hard to make a statement like “every game pryor has played enunwa has been around 80-85%”. Both players are getting increased snap counts and Q getting to 95% is actually not shocking to me at all. Pretty normal for a teams leading wide out to play 90%+ of the snaps. Here are the snaps and targets for the first 4 weeks for both players.

Week 1: Pryor 40%, Enunwa 67%
Week 2: Pryor 68%, Enunwa 80%
Week 3: Pryor 70%, Enunwa, 84%
Week 4: Pryor 4%, Enunwa, 95%

Week 1: Pryor 3, Enunwa 10
Week 2: Pryor 8, Enunwa 11
Week 3: Pryor 3, Enunwa, 8
Week 4: Pryor 1, Enunwa, 8

I do agree Pryor has been doing well with his targets but he is by nature, more of the deeper threat on the team. Darnold is still a rookie and is going to rely more heavily on the underneath stuff to Q to move the chains. Q is more of the possession receiver in my eyes and the one i’d rather own. I think Pryor will be much more up and down. I still see Q dominating the market share going forward. Even if it drops to 25%, that’s still something i want as my WR3/flex play. More than I can ask for. Can at least expect Jets to support 1 fantasy relevant receiver and my pick for that guy is Q.

The Titans offense is also pretty trash tbh. I’m not betting on them producing 2 fantasy relevant WRs. Like I said, only piece I want in that offense is Corey Davis. Taylor is a desperation WR4 match-up dependent play at best.