Taywan Taylor vs Cam Meredith?

Who would you guys rather? looking at picking one up on the waivers but unsure of who.

I’d go Meredith. Imagine if he solidifies himself as the 2nd guy in a Drew Brees passing offense?

Taylor might be a little overhyped because of his preseason, but he’s not going to be a clear #2 or even #3 with Davis/Matthews/Walker in the mix. Plus it’s Mariota throwing the ball.

As the local HUGE Titans fan around here… go with Meredith. Taywan Taylor made way too many bonehead plays last year. Yes, he was a rookie but he struggled learning a simple playbook last year. (He was constantly running the wrong routes etc). I have high expectations for my Titans this year but when is the last time the Titans had a 1,000 yard WR? (It’s been a long time). You don’t want the 5th option in the passing game in Tennessee.

1st - Delanie Walker
T2nd - Corey Davis
T2nd - Rishard Matthews
4th - Dion Lewis
5th - Taywan Taylor

If you’re picking one up off the waivers, then chances are you are looking for the guy with the highest upside.

The upside of Meredith is well documented. But consider this, the only time Drew Brees and the Saints have had a WR2 next to Michael Thomas worth owning in fantasy was Brandin Cooks. That role of the deep threat is Tedd Ginn’s. And while Meredith is more skilled than Ginn, he does not fill that deep roll, which means he’s competing for targets with proven players more skilled than him, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. And then whoever is at TE (negligible, but will receive targets). And all this, not including the new emphasis on the running game.

Now consider Taywan Taylor who is flashing in preseason (i know, it’s preseason), and there is no clear and proven WR1 on the Titans. Corey Davis hasn’t shown it consistently. Rishard Matthews was disappointing last year. Could Taywan Taylor emerge as the WR1? Probably not. But could he emerge as the WR1B? Maybe. Could he emerge as the deep threat? Good possibility. There are less skilled players around him, therefore his chance at emerging as one of the top weapons on this team with a new offensive minded coach is greater than the chance that Meredith emerges as a start worthy WR2 on the Saints. Note: the coaching tree that the Titans new head coach comes from is not known for hyper targeting the TE, so i don’t worry about Walker.

Personally I’d take Taywan Taylor, one of @AndyHolloway 's #myguys, if I’m looking for the highest upside,

Some solid points here for sure. Some valid, in terms of talent around him, opportunity, etc. Personally, when I am trying to identify breakout WRs, I try and find guys in their 3rd year + who have been in the league, have shown production (even if not elite), and are in a top offense. They don’t necessarily have to be the WR1. Meredith fits the type of guy I’m looking for. Where he has the opportunity to emerge as the slot guy and has proven he is productive in that role in an inferior offense with an inferior QB.

Personally, i’d rather have meredith. Taylor hype is all preseason. Meredith actually has a season of very good production. Could easily see him hitting 900-1k yards with 5-6 TDs this year as the WR2 from the slot in a brees led offense.

Good point. Meredith has been in the league longer and does have the better QB. I put his ceiling as maybe approaching what Willie Snead did in 2016, which was 72 rec / 895 yds / 4 TD’s. Of course that was with Drew Brees throwing for over 5200 yds. Personally I don’t think thats going to happen again. The FFBallers avg projections in the UDK have Brees at 4,645 yds, around 600 yds less than 2016. That being said, if Meredith can stay healthy I believe he will have a pretty solid floor. But with the new offensive minds in TEN, I still hold with Taylor having the higher upside. There really isn’t a wrong answer here. Listen to the arguments and make your own choice. Chances that you would start either one of these guys in a typical league format is slim.

I really like Taylor. At that part of your bench, your looking for upside typically, and I think he’s the upside play.

Despite my arguments for Taylor, if Sutton (DEN) or Washington (PIT) are available, grab them instead.

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Moore And Miller in Chicago in Carolina too, imo.

this was a huge help

I love Miller. Not sure about moore yet though.

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It depends on what you’re looking for. Taywan Taylor will not be a consistent WR. He will not be the WR1 I can assure you that unless everyone else gets hurt. Meredith is WAY more talented and is on the Saints.

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Thanks for the help guys I ended up going with Taywan Taylor and i will hope he has another good showing and i might try to move him on. Just going for upside on the bench and match ups

My Current team is
Cam Newton
Melvin Gordon
Rashaad Penny
Keenan Allen
Stefon Diggs
Trey Burton
Doug Baldwin
Saints D
Missing a Kicker

Kerryon Johnson
Ronald Jones
Billal Powell
Cooper Kupp
Anthony Miller
DJ Moore
Taywan Taylor

I Have huge upside and am very strong at the WR position so thinking i might try to move one of the main WR and a bench one for a Strong RB. Thoughts ??

I like the team. You drafted my two favorite rookies for the draft price in Kerryon Johnson and Penny. Not a big fan of Ronald Jones at this point. What exactly are you looking for in a trade? I wouldn’t trade away any of you’re starting WR’s, that’s your strength. I would look to move a rookie RB and a bench WR, but at this point, before the season, I don’t think you will get what you’re probably hoping for. I would wait. See how the rest of the preseason shakes out and start the best rookie option at RB. Otherwise, if you don’t like any of them, throw in Billal Powell if you’re in any type of half PPR or PPR league, he should have a decent floor. Then once a rookie has a breakout game (esp Ronald Jones), if you want, feel the market and see if you can get a solid RB in a trade. I wouldn’t worry about it, you have a solid team with some great rookie upside.

Yeah might do that man, i acquired Baldwin and powell in a trade for tevin coleman, aaron jones and Sterling shepard.

Im in a half point PPR so i think i should be fine week one, worse case ill start Powell.