TE at the turn

Hey guys, draft is tonight, 1st overall pick (yay?) in a 12 team half ppr league. I had a small conflict with the draft so I’ll be on my phone with only moderately reliable service so there’s a risk of auto drafting (already set my custom rank and strategy). My question is: do I reach for Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz at the 2/3 turn if Gronk doesn’t fall to me there? My reasoning is I only consider this a small reach on their adp, and I’d like to lock up a good TE early cause I feel like the position requires a lot more strategy deeper into the draft. Not stressing QB, I’m usually taking one in the 11th or 12th in the mocks and I’m fine with the options there.

On the turn, i assume you mean 2.1. That’s a bit early to take a TE in my opinion. There should be quite a value sitting in WR and RB in that draft area you shouldn’t pass upon. If you drafted later in the 2nd I would say go for it but don’t reach.

You mean 2.12 or 3.1 when you say at the 2-3 turn, right? I understand that many consider Kelce and Ertz as the only tier 2 TEs (Gronk being on a tier by himself) and then the position gets very weak. But I think there’s a bigger difference between Gronk and those two so drafting either of them early 3rd seems too soon to me. I think Kelce should go a full round later than Gronk if not more, but most mocks I’ve done he goes off the board soon after Gronk goes. On top of that, I don’t think Ertz will do what he did last year. His TDs will probably regress and there’s now another TD he may be competing with. If it was me I’d want to wait until 5th round or later if I can’t get Gronk in the late 2nd. I’m warming up to Graham in GB, thinking he’ll be a red zone monster. I’m also prepared to draft Trey Burton if he doesn’t go too early. But to sum up, if you don’t get Gronk I just think you’re drafting in a bad position to get Kelce or Ertz and you’d be better off getting more value at other positions with your 2nd and 3rd picks.

Sorry the use of the word turn was confusing. I pick first, so this would be 2.12/3.1

So at the 2.12/3.1 turn then take Gronk if he sitting there without hesitation. My guess is he may not be around. I have seen him going mid-2nd in most of my drafting. I am not afraid of Ertz or Kelce and i think both will be productive, but those are later in 3rd round type selections. I just feel like you draft too early to jump in there when you can get value in the middle rounds.

Expect that if you don’t take either at 3.1 they won’t be around come your next pick anyway.

Thanks for the advice everyone. The good news is gronk fell to me at 2.12, so it all worked out!