TE change?

Would you take Tonyan or cook rest of season?

slightly leaning cook just because of target volume so far. but not much difference between the two IMO

Agreed it is ppr format - it’s td dependent for tonyan - cook gets a bit more volume but both teams have to many mouth to feed.

I do have Keenan allen as well which is why I didn’t take cook cause I hate having to many pieces of one offense

yeah especially multiple pass catchers. I think both of those guys have about the same value as most stream TEs anyway though. If Gesicki is around hes worth a look to see if Brisett continues throwing him 10 passes a game

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Ya that would been nice I also almost put gronk on the end of my bench before the season started but I put tevin Coleman instead hoping to gain rb depth- big regret haha

I’ll just stick with tonyan for another week and than pivot if it’s still bad to cook if he’s available to at least get some ppr

Dallas Goddert and Conklin are both available as well - not sure your temperature on them

I would say Conklin is on the same level as Cook/Tonyan. Dont really like Goddert at this point that whole offense is a mess. Assuming Schultz has been picked up? Dan Arnold may be a decent stash attempt as well now that he went to the jags.

I think schults is available I just worry about chasing the points there - especially with cooper who was banged up for that game and you still got lamb / Zeek and Blake jarwin possibly taking away opportunities

yeah definitely a lot of mouths to feed there but Schultz seems to be garnering decent targets. But again basically just playing roulette with all these TEs