TE Conundrum... I cant choose. footclan help

10man PPR. I have the #1 draft pick in a 1 keeper league

I doubt I will be choosing the top 3 TE’s.

I want atleast Howard or Engram. I cant decide who to choose between the 2. I plan on getting 1 of them in the 5th round. by the time 6th round comes they are gone.

Help me choose. or should I just go for other TE’s in later rounds.?

thanks!!! help is appreciated

I’d lean Howard of the two. I prefer the TE on the much better offence

I’m on the side of taking later round TE shots, but you seem to have your mind made up that you want one of those two, so go get them. It’s your fantasy team, pick the players you like.


I think Howard in the 6th is very doable. But if you don’t want to take the risk, I’d look towards Vance or Hooper who are both poised for a breakout. As a Howard owner, I think I’d rather have Engram. Both will be great options though.

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I don’t necessarily need those 2 TE’s . the keepers kind of pushes up all the players in ADP that’s why I was thinking about reaching for one of those 2 te’s. I would have to wait about 20picks.

From what I can tell at the 5th round pick for me, WRs like AROB,locket are there. (not a big fan of the group of WR’s

RBs are michel, telvin colman group of players. which I like .