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TE conundrum


Kyle Rudolph w/o Bradford
Ben Watson

Full PPR


How did rudolph do last week without bradford?


WOW. Was happy to see this subject come up. I’ve got Rudolph, and grabbed Hooper last week. Been wondering if I should drop Hooper for Watson. @NewtonINTolerant…Rudolph actually suffered the least out of Min’s three biggest players without Bradford (Diggs, Thielen, Rudolph). Tough decision…but…gonna ride with Rudolph this week.


4 catches (6 targets) for 46 yards.

Majority of the yards (28) came on a crazy 1 handed bobbled catch.

Watson was like 8/91 with 9 targets


I think it’s still rudolph


But Watson seems like Dennis Pitta 2.0… I’m torn


YEP. Benny Watson is looking good. Exactly why I’ve been checking him out. Going nuts worrying about if I don’t grab him now he’s not gonna be there long. OR…is Austin Hooper gonna put up another 20+ pts a lot of weeks (like he did wk 1) AND ALREADY GOT HIM!!!


I’m not too high on Hooper cuz he’s only had like 4 targets in 2 weeks…


@doubl… but week 1 he had 128 yds and 1 TD=23 pts PPR. Granted that was against Chi, BUT…still got a gut feeling he’s gonna break-out sometime this season. LOL…(probable scenario)…I got him/I give him up…BAM…bust-out city…I’m bottom of WW…now having conniptions cause I had him/dropped him/he burns up the stat wires and I CAN’T GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!! LOL…and now he’s rubbing my nose in it…CAUSE I HAD HIM!!!

And the way TE’s are dropping…SMH…just don’t know.


LOL…promise I’m not having a nervous breakdown here. I’m sure everybody that’s not experienced a WIN yet this season (or past seasons in the first couple of weeks) knows EXACTLY what that thought process is!!! LOL


I’m 1-1 but I feel ya


LOL…have had to laugh these past couple of weeks. Giving everybody else great advice for their line-ups. Then having to look at my own team and shudder trying to figure out a way out of THIS MESS!!! (my league killed me during the draft). (I was 6th…didn’t stand a chance LOL) Go figure!!!


I am going with Rudolph because he is keenum’s safety valve and more likely red zone choice. Watson had one good week but can not be sure of his target share.


WOW!!! What a mess that was!!! Sat Thielen, played Rudolph. SMH