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TE Decision Doyle or Ebron?


Thinking I will probably have to stream the TE position for the majority of the year. If you had the choice of your TE, would you rather have Eric Ebron or Jack Doyle?


Healthy, I prefer Ebron without Boldin.

But you’ll have to monitor the injury he just got at training camp


yeah just looked it up, so far undisclosed injury. I hadn’t even heard anything about him. I drafted him but was already thinkin of getting backup. OJ Howard, Engram, and Doyle are the best choices.


Beat writers are saying it was a “tweeked” hamstring. Nothing to be worried about, but how many times will he “tweek” it? I really like this question, my knee jerk is Ebron because of volume, but I reserve the right to change my answer after a couple preseason games.


Injuries this early on scare me. Especially nagging injuries in players that have been known to miss time.

I was fully on the Ebron train before it, and I’m not getting off yet but I’m weighing my options now.


so stick with him through preseason or dump and pick up doyle?