TE Decisions - Hunter/ASJ/Engram

So im in a weird conundrum for one of the first times in my 11 years of Fantasy…i have 3 decent Tight Ends and can start a max of TWO. Right now i have Engram/ASJ in lineup - but i also have hunter henry…

What do you recommend? rankings are close, i get the Denver Narrative for henry (113.8 QB Rating throwing to Tight Ends vs DenveR)…but…engram should be #1 targets, and ASJ has been on fire…so im torn.

any advice is appreciated, thanks!

Could you tell me Evans Matchup?
ASJ for sure! But whos playing against Evans

Engram is vs the Seahawks…which is scary at first - but their TE Defense isnt as good as the WR Defense…

Mhmm well hunter vs Denver is hard because Melvin Gordon will explode this game since they saw NYG do it , But I think Evan would be a SAFER play , but Hunter has a HIGHER CIELING
Hope this helps man if choose Evan

yeah thats exactly what i was thinking - the floor/ceiling - i really appreciate the response, thank you - its a tough decision…last week they all had great weeks…i need one more good week from em then try to flip to some ppl in my league with bad Tight Ends…

Thanks again for the response!