TE Desperation - Please Help!

Currently 0-2. With Hunter Henry and Tyreek Hill being injured my team is in shambles. I was offered Kelce for Alvin Kamara. SHould I bite the bullet? The best TE on waivers is Greg Olsen. My roster is as follows (3 flexes):

QB: Goff
HB: Kamara, Josh Jacobs, Gurley, Chris Thompson, Kenyan Drake, Melvin Gordon
WR: Tyreek Hill (INJ), Godwin, DJ Moore, Marquise Brown, Sterling Shepard, Mercole Hardman, Terry McLaurin
TE: Hunter Henry, Chris Herdon

The team that offered me Kelce has Miles Sanders, Devonte Freeman, OBJ, Cooper, John Brown to name some players.

I’m thinking Jason witten might not be a terrible week 3 option. But whilst Kelce would be great he shouldn’t be in a conversation for kamara

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I was thinking Olsen or Witten. And I agree I think Kamara is too good. I was thinkind I’d weather the storm until Herndon comes back. I tried trading for Waller, Mark Andrews, Ertz and Walker and no one wanted to trade

There is no world in which Kelce for kamara straight up is a good deal right now. We don’t even really know what teddy will do and kamara is a straight stud. There are enough streaming options and you have Herndon who will be sneaky good once mono-man comes back. Keep the faith and hold strong to kamara.

Dynasty or redraft? PPR or non-PPR? TE Premium or SF?

I prefer Kamara and Olsen over not Kamara and Kelce.

That is what I was thinking too, just wanted the FOOT CLANS Opinion. I felt like I was getting the short end of the stick but wanted to make sure

Redraft and PPR

I’m hurting at TE in a 14 team league after Henry injury. Witten is my short term answer after Jimmy Graham let me down. There’s little on waivers to add so I’m holding Henry.

But just because you’re needy at a position doesn’t mean give elite of elite for just elite at position. Kamara is undoubted stud at a position you need to have stud. Kelce is a rarity that helps in individual matchup but can’t recover a lack of rb1


I agree thank you for reassuring me. Waiver wire TE’s are Olsen, Witten, Dissly, Eifert. I was thinking about going woth Olsen even though Im having to start DJ Moore

Definitely stream te. Paper over the cracks until Henry or herndon give you actual production

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Do not trade Kamara for Kelce, that would be a big mistake