TE Dynasty Trade Advice

Hey Foot Clan,

I’m looking at a trade where I get Kyle Rudolph and Tarik Cohen and give up Rob Gronkowski. I’d be pretty solid on depth at RB and would avoid the possibility of Gronk retiring randomly next season.

Would you take this trade? If so, why?

Do not make this trade. I understand there are risks involved with gronk but at the end of the day, he is still in a tier of his own when it comes to TEs. I don’t put Ertz and Gronk in the same tier. And with a rookie QB, there are question marks with Kelce as well. And Gronk is without question the #1 target in a TB led patriots offense. If you’re team is not a contender, I can see the merit in dealing Gronk but I would be looking for much more than Cohen and Rudolph. You’re basically paying for Rudolph and Cohen at their ceiling if you make this deal.

Def not making that trade. You are loosing so much value.

Keep Gronk if you are a contender. If not, trade him to a contender. They should be willing to pay up.

It is the off-season. Trade for value not for a lineup.

Thanks y’all. I’ve been sitting on it because I wasn’t sure. My team is a contender for this season and I got some pretty solid young talent for the next few years, Gronk was a good value, but he’s just so scary looking ahead.

i only wouldnt make that trade cause you can get more out of it. the perceived value of gronk is very high. but im with you, im dumping my shares of gronk where ever i can. the injurys are too much, him wanting to retire, brady is a potential retire as well and then who throws to him? too many questions for a guy i already couldnt rely on for a full season. ask for more and see what happens.