TE for next week

Cook is on bye and I need a pickup.

Hooper and Howard are both on waivers.
Who do you roll with? Should I keep with Cook after the bye week? Seems like he is getting less targets lately.

I would go with Hooper for now especially with the injuries to Falcons receivers although I haven’t checked back to see how bad they were.

Cook as always is boom or bust. Would keep him just for that since TE talent is shallow this year. Hooper and Howard are both great pick ups, I’d go with whoever has the better matchup.

Probably Hooper.

As far as dropping Cook, see if anyone else has a bad TE situation(probable with this years TE situation) If you can see someone picking him up then don’t drop him.

Agree Hooper, getting consistent targets and is Ridley and/or Sanu miss next week he gets a bump up